Sunday, October 21, 2007

Young and Beautiful

On Thursday I celebrated my 38th birthday, and yes I do know that is 65 in gay years.
I received an abundance of well wishes from co-workers, loved ones and friends. It was a low-key day compared to last year. My lover through me a costume theme party, the theme was 1969, the year I was born. Most family and friends were in attendance and we partied all night like flower children.

This year when he asked what I wanted? I told him I wanted something low key with just he and I. Maybe a great dinner and desert, He knew that when I was young my mother always made our cakes and pies from scratch and gave us our choice every year on our birthday. So being a wonderful man he decided to do the same. I choose apple pie and left the meal up to him. He made an enchilada casserole and his first homemade scratch apple pie. Both were awesome and meant more to me than anything.

We both belong to a dart team that plays every Thursday so I knew we would be busy that night…BTW we tied the number 1 team from last year 5-5. I won 2 out of my 3 games and threw the winning dart in the team competition, it was awesome and they were PISSED!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dark Road

Dark Road

This week I will be flying home to Dallas for work.
This is very bittersweet, My partner and I are very homesick missing our family and friends. At the end of this trip we will both either be completly ready to go home to Chi-Town or really heart broken due to leaving our F&F. You see I am flying there mainly for work but as it turns out we will get to visit our family and friends that we haven't seen in a long time
We will be hanging out with my friend Joe and his lover Tom, I am very happy that V will be flying in from NM (I haven’t seen her in ages) and another good friend Ed just escaped the hell that is Phoenix to move home to Dallas this past week.
Although there are Lot's of things work wise to do I am sure the parting will be on and I will come home hung over. I'll fill you in later....

Annie Lennox- Why


Don't judge me for not posting more frequently.
The reasons are varied and although exceptional I guess there is no excuse
This year has been exhausting; I have been working very hard to get ready for our busy season. I am very proud of the team I have assembled and believe we will have a very productive and profitable season. However there are a lot of learning curves out there to face There are also those people who like to think that because I give them latitude that they are the boss.

I have been concentrating on work so much there hasn't been much of a home life in the past few weeks. I will be making it up to my partner for years to come. He talked me into being a substitute on the dart league. My partner just went to his sisters wedding in Oxnard CA and left me to compete in our first league game alone :-(
Well we lost to our sister team 6-4. BTW ours is a new team with several that haven't ever played on a dart league like myself. Our sister team completed last year in the top 2. However the last game was for cash and my dart partner and I won and split the pot. We then played a double elimination tournament for cash out of 6 teams again my dart partner and I were undefeated and won the pot..Not much money my split of $15 bucks didn't cover the round I bought. Oh well I promise to write more later! Ciao for now!