Sunday, October 21, 2007

Young and Beautiful

On Thursday I celebrated my 38th birthday, and yes I do know that is 65 in gay years.
I received an abundance of well wishes from co-workers, loved ones and friends. It was a low-key day compared to last year. My lover through me a costume theme party, the theme was 1969, the year I was born. Most family and friends were in attendance and we partied all night like flower children.

This year when he asked what I wanted? I told him I wanted something low key with just he and I. Maybe a great dinner and desert, He knew that when I was young my mother always made our cakes and pies from scratch and gave us our choice every year on our birthday. So being a wonderful man he decided to do the same. I choose apple pie and left the meal up to him. He made an enchilada casserole and his first homemade scratch apple pie. Both were awesome and meant more to me than anything.

We both belong to a dart team that plays every Thursday so I knew we would be busy that night…BTW we tied the number 1 team from last year 5-5. I won 2 out of my 3 games and threw the winning dart in the team competition, it was awesome and they were PISSED!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dark Road

Dark Road

This week I will be flying home to Dallas for work.
This is very bittersweet, My partner and I are very homesick missing our family and friends. At the end of this trip we will both either be completly ready to go home to Chi-Town or really heart broken due to leaving our F&F. You see I am flying there mainly for work but as it turns out we will get to visit our family and friends that we haven't seen in a long time
We will be hanging out with my friend Joe and his lover Tom, I am very happy that V will be flying in from NM (I haven’t seen her in ages) and another good friend Ed just escaped the hell that is Phoenix to move home to Dallas this past week.
Although there are Lot's of things work wise to do I am sure the parting will be on and I will come home hung over. I'll fill you in later....

Annie Lennox- Why


Don't judge me for not posting more frequently.
The reasons are varied and although exceptional I guess there is no excuse
This year has been exhausting; I have been working very hard to get ready for our busy season. I am very proud of the team I have assembled and believe we will have a very productive and profitable season. However there are a lot of learning curves out there to face There are also those people who like to think that because I give them latitude that they are the boss.

I have been concentrating on work so much there hasn't been much of a home life in the past few weeks. I will be making it up to my partner for years to come. He talked me into being a substitute on the dart league. My partner just went to his sisters wedding in Oxnard CA and left me to compete in our first league game alone :-(
Well we lost to our sister team 6-4. BTW ours is a new team with several that haven't ever played on a dart league like myself. Our sister team completed last year in the top 2. However the last game was for cash and my dart partner and I won and split the pot. We then played a double elimination tournament for cash out of 6 teams again my dart partner and I were undefeated and won the pot..Not much money my split of $15 bucks didn't cover the round I bought. Oh well I promise to write more later! Ciao for now!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I wanna dance with somebody

If you know me then you know that when I get to the buzzed/drunk stage I want to dance. Many years ago me and my friends Myrna, Randy and Joe would go out and drink till we could barley stand then we would dance all night sweating it all out so we could drink some more. This was a weekend thing and we always had a blast, back then I weighed much less too. I wonder if there was a connection Humm…..
Well if you know me then you know my partner and you know he is not much on dancing, he loves people watching. Now and again when the music is either a sway to and fro slow or a loud and crazy dance mix I can coax him out on the floor to get lost in the crowd.

Last night after several drinks and shots poured by David our favorite bartender I began to feel my toes begin to tap! That’s when I begin to pester my partner trying to get him out on the floor.
After a couple hours and a couple more drinks I was able to get him out on the floor only because the Reba/Kelly song ended with the smooth transition into Kelly’s because of you dance mix. The floor was instantly crowded with gyrating people and I decided we needed to be in the middle of the floor.
Although people here don’t dance the same as back home in Dallas I had a wonderful time. I was able to keep him on the floor for several songs when it was decided that it was time to go. After all the moving and shaking on the dance floor not to mention the sweating out of the alcohol I came home and slept like a baby. A great time was had by all and I can’t wait to dance some more.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Not Right, But Its Ok

It's not right but it's ok

Earl Campbell’s and Mahatma Rice.....

As you may have read my partner and I recently moved from Dallas to Chicago for business reasons. We love Chi-Town however there are many things that take adjusting to... The feeling that every time you step out of you home you in a scene from sex in the city, The mild summer weather, The Cab’s The differences in one neighborhood to the next and then there is the Food!

To be completely honest I was almost of the verge of packing my bags and moving back to Texas over the grocery stores not carrying Earl Campbell’s hot links, not to mention Hot links Period!
There is an abundance of sweet Italian sausage, hot Italian sausage, brats and smoked sausage, but still no hot links!

We went to a BBQ restaurant a couple weeks ago that advertised a wonderful “hot link Sandwich”….It was a long weenie with BBQ sauce on it (gag).

I was traveling last week and was able to catch up with some friends in Phoenix. When I asked Julio is there anything you can’t find here that you’re used to in Dallas? He replied yes as a matter of fact he can’t find Mahatma Rice anywhere and is planning on bringing some back on his next visit to Dallas.

I find it funny that large metropolitan cities like Chicago and Phoenix don’t carry all the tried and true brands of food products that people like me want. Especially since these cities were built on people moving here from other states.

Maybe I need to lodge a protest against our local food chain! (Picture this) me carrying a white picket sign with a picture of a juicy hot link on it, Do you think that will garner any attention?

I should mention that Chi-Town has some of the best food I have ever had. There are specialties here that you just can’t get anywhere else however hot links is not one of them…

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Around the world in 6 days

After much prodding by me BFF (sportsnutindallas), this is my first official attempt at this blogging this so please be kind.

Late last night I got home from a business trip that took me from Chicago to Dallas, Houston then to Phoenix. I am exhausted and very happy to be home. I missed my husband more than I can say. I also missed sleeping in my bed fighting for control with the cat.

The trip began in Dallas which was my home until about 2 months ago. I left from Ohare on Sunday and as always my flight was delayed for 2 hours. I landed and my BFF picked me up We went to his home and visited with his hubby for awhile and then proceded to my favorite bar in Dallas "the tin room" there I cought up with bar buddies that had became close friend of my husbands and I. We hung out with our favortie bartender Tony, as always his drinks are potent and after a few I got a little tipsy. We called it a early night due to a long workday ahead. I spoent the next day interviewing candidates for a position I have in the Dallas area. It was hard with the slight hangover I had from the night before. After work my friend, his husband and I all went to dinner to a newish mexican restaurant named Tradiccion "great margaritas".
Next morning it was off to Houston I guess I have gotton used to the mild summer I have had in Chicago, because when I go onto the jetway I was instantly drenched in sweat. After visiting offices I settled into my hotel and got some rest. The next morning 4am to be exact I woke up went to bush international Off to Phoneix. There I was met by one of my managers and good friends Julio. He was transferred to AZ with our company about the same time as I was sent to Chicago. Ihavn't seen him in a few months. After visiting his offices he took me to my hotel to freshen up and later he picked me up to go out with him and his gang, Including my friend Edward, Ryan and Lee. We had a great time and too many shots! After waking up with a huge hange over it was time to go into the office and go over some items with Julio and his team. I ended up spending my evening in my hotel getting some much needed rest. I knew with all the rain than Chicago had gotton it was going to be a chore getting home the next day. Sure enough at 1:30 am I got a call from AA telling me that my early morning flight had been cancelled. I had to wait until 3:30 to get a flight out. Then it was delayed anouther hour. After all is said and done it's all good because I got home. When I got home after a short wait for a cab I was transported home to David and a wonderful home cooked meal. .....and my bed!